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PredictiveIQ uses its groundbreaking Physics Informed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions to create Predictive Digital Twins.


We offer the next generation solutions for PREDICTIVE MODELING that Accelerates Product Development and PREDICTIVE DIGITAL TWINS that Optimize Product Use & Operations. These solutions are powered by our groundbreaking Physics Informed Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technologies. Our customers experience dramatic improvements in Product Development Velocity, Manufacturing Throughput, Sales Effectiveness, and End Customer Experiences. As such, we have demonstrated successes in industries such as: Automotive & Other Ground Vehicles, Aerospace & Defense, Government Labs, Energy, Industrial Equipment, Marine & Offshore, Life Sciences, High Tech, and Construction & Civil Engineering.

Our solution offering includes:

PREDICTIVE MODELING: Convert time-consuming and computationally intensive engineering simulation models into hyper fast predictive machine learning models. These predictive models have the following characteristics:

  • Convert time consuming computational models into instantaneous predictive machine learning models
  • Automatically incorporate Model Validation & Uncertainty Quantification (UQ)
  • Learn from more accurate models or additional test data.
  • Can extrapolate outside the model training domain
  • Provide predictive insights thereby making them explainable (i.e. a “white box” as opposed to a “black box”)

STRATEGIC ENGINEERING SERVICES: Technology Development & Commercialization, Software Plug-In Development, Process Automation, Business Centric Strategic Consulting, and Engineering Services.

Predictive & Prescriptive Maintenance

PREDICTIVE DIGITAL TWINS: Our hyper fast intelligent predictive models enable you to go from “Big Data” into “Small Data.” These models are the brains being predictive digital twin applications such as:

  • Machine Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Predictive (Prognostics) & Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Autonomy & Electrification
  • System Performance Simulation & Systems of Systems Optimization (SoS)
  • Machine as a Service (MaaS) business model


Physics Informed Machine Learning (PIMLtm)

Physics Informed Machine Learning (PIML™)

We provide Physics-Based Modeling, Simulation and Analytics in the market. We build highly accurate and fast running predictive solutions for various industries.

Methods Development


We build advanced predictive analytics engines to be used for product design, virtual validation, manufacturing, sales etc.

Engineering Services


We offer a variety of engineering consulting and services including, predictive analytics, simulation services, plug-in development, simulation democratization, model validation, engineering consulting etc.



We are a technology and services company transforming the way manufacturers develop, sell and service their products. We develop intelligent fit-for-purpose applications that automate processes and provide realistic product simulation software that empowers innovation. We are thought leaders and trend setters participating in a variety of industry and academic forums.

  • Democratized Design
  • Predictive Models
  • Classification & Calibration
  • Virtual Factory
  • Sales Configurators
  • Operational Digital Twins
  • Strategic Consulting

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