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Our Front End applications can be applied to a number of industries. Our solutions provide you with a unified web-enabled (cloud-computing) platform that allows you to standardize, automate and optimize your product design and configuration architecture. These applications search & leverage prior product designs, automatically enforce your company’s product development best practices and employ advanced error control features such as: input controls, units management, automatic parameter populating and outlier result flagging.

Companies that use analytic-driven, six sigma centric product development principles are:

  • More Profitable – For every $1 invested in this framework there is in excess of $10 return,
  • Faster Response – 66% faster to the market than their competitors,
  • Better Regarded – More than 90% reduction in engineering errors, increasing quality.

Our robust end-to-end solution significantly increases your strategic competitive advantage by enabling your more senior engineers to focus on product innovation and ensuring quality rule-based engineering design by more junior engineers and/or your engineering services providers. The results are innovative and quality cost effective products.

Although our solutions are applicable to a variety of industries, click below to see how our solutions apply to Automotive, Aerospace, Energy and Medical industries.

Aerospace Industry


“Fly Higher”

Automotive Industry


“Drive Faster”



“Power the World”

Medical Devices


“Make Us Healthy”

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