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The energy sector is one of the biggest sectors on the planet powering everything from households, businesses and transportation systems to name a few. As the demand for energy continues to increase, this sector faces increased pressure to develop and use more efficient eco-friendly substitutes like wind power and find alternative exploration sites. Although there are several segments in the energy industry, we have placed particular focus and expertise in the following:

WIND TURBINES – Convert kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy that through a generator produces electricity. Wind turbine design faces a number of engineering challenges. Increasing blade spans and more offshore wind farms with its harsh environments create larger structural loads. In addition, the un-stationary nature of wind loads and the ensuing thrust forces and wind burst induce structural low cycle fatigue and is a major challenge in wind turbine gearbox designs.

GAS & STEAM TURBINES – Use a similar mechanism as their aero-engine counterparts, but instead of generating thrust, they generate electricity by taking the turbine power to drive a generator. In a gas turbine the hot fuel is typically natural gas and for a steam turbine the pressurized steam that passses through the turbine is generated in a boiler. Although Gas & Steam turbines are sturdier than heir aero-engine counterparts they face many of the same engineering challenges of having to operate at high pressures and temperatures for instance.

OIL & GAS – The Oil & Gas segment involves the exploration, extraction, refining and selling Oil & Gas fossil fuels. The engineering challenges include the increasing difficulty of exploration and extraction in more remote locations and increasing technical difficulties and regulations associated with deep water exploration. In addition, this segment faces increased competition from alternative fuels and increased geo-political risks of operating in unstable locations. Engineering issues in areas of reliability and structural integrity are common engineering challenges.

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