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A Business Centric Approach to Simulation Democratization

PredictiveIQ presented a paper at the conference titled “A Business Centric Approach to Simulation Democratization.” The paper described a methodology currently being used at major OEMs and Tier-1 Automotive Suppliers to develop and implement Simulation Democratization initiatives in large and complex organizations.

Simulation Democratization is the latest “buzz word,” but two questions arise. The first question is “Why is simulation democratization important? and the second question is “Why this business centric approach is likely to lead to success?

1) Why is Simulation Democratization Important?

The answer to the first question speaks to potential benefits that simulation democratization could bring to product innovation, optimization, and operational efficiencies. This is the “potential energy” of simulation democratization. Some of these benefits include:

  • Designers performing more design exploration, optimization and robust design
  • Analysts spending more time on product performance improvements rather than correcting designs flaws
  • Test Engineers having more efficient test protocols and greater experimental data validation value
  • Manufacturing quickly addressing issues with manufacturing processes, tolerances and quality non-conformances
  • Sales & Marketing focusing their customers on differentiated product performance features rather than on price
  • Servicing quickly anticipating potential product issues before they become problems and better controlling warranty costs

2) Why is A Business-Centric Approach Likely to Lead to Simulation Democratization Sucess?

This question speaks to a process of how to convert the potential benefits of simulation democratization to realized benefits (kinetic energy). This is a subject that has received significant attention in various papers in the form of best practices and the like. At CAASE18 we presented a methodology that incorporated these best practices into a process that allows companies align resources and risk manage the deployment of these initiatives. Below are some of the key element steps that are covered in more detail in the presented paper.

Business-Centric Approach to Simulation Democratization

Some of the characteristics of this methodology include:

  • Aligns simulation democratization efforts to company specific business drivers
  • Reduces organizational barriers typically found in simulation democratization initiatives
  • Risk manages the implementation of simulation democratization pilots and wider deployment
  • Improves the effectiveness simulation democratization and its enterprise-wide impact

Check out the entire CAASE18 presentation by downloading the slides at “A Business Centric Approach to Simulation Democratization.”

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