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Engineering for Everyone: SmartApps


Boston, MA USA – May 1, 2015 – Desktop Engineering profiles PredictiveIQ’ SmartApps on its May 2015 issue.

The article titled “Engineering for Everyone” describes how intelligent fit-for purpose applications (also known as SmartApps) embed experts’ knowledge enabling non-expert users the ability to perform complex workflows that traditionally only experts have been able to complete.

Today in the expert-driven world, the developers of engineering models are the same persons as the user of these models. The article describes SmartApps as potentially game-changing because they move the industry from expert-driven predictive simulation that takes days or weeks to non-expert focused automated evaluation with real-time feedback that may take hours or minutes. The novelty of SmartApps is that through intelligent automation methods, anyone (i.e. not only experts) can use these expert created models. These applications in essence create enterprise-wide “Virtual Experts” that are accessible 24-7 via a desktop or mobile device to anyone with the right access credentials.

PredictiveIQ works closely with companies to assess their workflows, engineering challenges, design practices and expert know-how to architect the best automation framework to implement with SmartApps. The process tends to be an iterative one, but once the company’s core design processes and engineering riles are codified, various SmartApps can then be created to streamline the product development.

Check out the digital version at: http://www.deskeng.com/de/engineering-for-everyone/

About PredictiveIQ

PredictiveIQ is a technology and services company transforming the way manufacturers develop, sell and service their products. We develop intelligent fit-for-purpose applications (SmartApps) that automate processes and provide realisting product simulation software that empowers innovation. Our solutions deliver more product innovation, higher quality, reduced time to market and lower costs. We are headquartered in Boston, MA, a global center for innovation and technology. For more information visit www.predictiveiq.com.


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