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Front End Analytics is now PredictiveIQ


Boston, MA – November 29, 2022

We are excited to announce that Front End Analytics is now PredictiveIQ. The company’s rebranding allows the company to better align with its solution offering. At PredictiveIQ, our vision is making truly smart and autonomous a reality through our groundbreaking predictive ML/AI technologies that reduce data requirement for orders of magnitude and our business-centric solutions that are aligned to key business processes. The PredictiveIQ name evokes the true meaning of our misson, which is to develop advanced predictive algorithms and software that powers digital twins and digital transformation.

PredictiveIQ is a pioneering a new class of advanced data-driven and physics-informed machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that reduce the amount of data for ML/AI to be highly predictive. The solutions speed engineering product development, ensure equipment uptime by predicting and preventing maintenance events and optimize operational performance. The company enables digital twins and facilitates new business models such as product as a service (PaaS). Our solutions can be employed in a number of applications and are particularly valuable in industries with highly engineered products, where data transmission, management, and storage is either difficult, impossible, or undesired. Industries with these characteristics include ground combat vehicles, mining, rail, trucks, construction equipment, agriculture, automotive, aerospace, marine, energy, and life sciences.

“Our vision at PredictiveIQ is to add more intelligence to highly engineered machines and devices, thereby optimizing their operations and providing decision makers with actionable and insightful information to make better decisions,” says Dr. Juan F. Betts, PhD, MBA, CEO of PredictiveIQ.

“This capability opens a whole set of possibilities for our customers: from enabling more predictable planned use of critical assets without unplanned disruptions, to allowing OEMs to transform one-time sales into subscriptions by adding more aftermarket value. With our new name we expect to drive better alignments between our customers’ needs and our ground breaking solution offering.”


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