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PredictiveIQ Unveils Revolutionary Predictive AI Solution


– Powering Accelerated Engineering and Optimized Performance

Boston, MA – February 29, 2024 – PredictiveIQ is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking Predictive AI solution for Accelerated Engineering and Optimized Performance. This pioneering innovation utilizes advanced mathematics, novel neural concepts, and physics-informed machine learning (PIML) approaches. This solution has higher predictive accuracy with significantly less data, provides faster convergence, and is generalizable, thus enabling predictions for unseen scenarios.

Predictive AI

In Accelerated Engineering, time-consuming engineering simulations like CFD are transformed into fast and accurate predictive AI surrogate models that enable engineers to explore design alternatives and optimize product design.

In Optimized Performance, data-intensive analytics like the ones used in digital twin applications are transformed into predictive AI models that use a fraction of this data, thus greatly improving predictive insights and reducing big data pains associated with data management and storage.

Dr. Juan F. Betts, PredictiveIQ´s CEO states ¨Advancements in predictive AI will have a profound impact on our daily lives. From enabling more sustainable vehicle development that can now be aerodynamically optimized with thousands of design alternatives to more optimized product performance in fleet applications in sectors such as mining, defense, aerospace, transportation, and construction, predictive AI will be a key differentiator for leading industry players.

PredictiveIQ is deeply committed to being at the bleeding edge of innovation and working with our partners to deliver the most advanced predictive AI solution in the market. Our partnership with leading research institutions and our innovation ecosystem leads to groundbreaking discoveries that are then integrated into our predictive AI solutions.

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About PredictiveIQ.

PredictiveIQ’s purpose is to unlock the transformational advantages that Predictive AI offers to accelerate product engineering and optimize product performance.​ This technology utilizes advanced data-driven neural concepts and Physics Informed Machine Learning (PIML) approaches that reduce by orders of magnitude (1,000X) the amount of ML training data, increases predictive accuracy, improves generalization, and enables modular updating.

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