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PredictiveIQ & GKN Driveline led panel discussion “Democratization of Simulation” at the 2016 NAFEMS Americas Conference

PredictiveIQ’ Managing Director, Dr. Juan F. Betts and GKN Driveline’s Engineering Director, Mr. Glenn Valine led joint Panel Discussion titled “Democratization of Simulation” at the 2016 NAFEMS Americas conference held in Seattle, WA, USA. The panel featured industry leaders from a broad spectrum of companies and software vendors. The discussion centered on business challenges to … Read more

PredictiveIQ to speak at the 2015 NAFEMS SPDM Conference

On December 2nd, PredictiveIQ will present at the 2015 European SPDM Conference in Munich, Germany.  This conference is focused primarily around benefits and strategies of SPDM (Simulation Process and Data Management). Together with EASA team members, we will discuss the differences between large-scale SPDM platforms and the more lightweight EASA platform. We’ll review the use … Read more

PredictiveIQ to launch NAFEMS’ 2020 CAE Democratization Webinar Series

On August 27th, PredictiveIQ will help launch a new NAFEMS webinar series focused on the future of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), specifically related to the democratization of experts’ knowledge to empower their extended organization. We will review how we craft solution-specific applications which automate domain expertise (executed using server-side software), presented in concise and fool-proof … Read more

PredictiveIQ to sponsor and present at the 2015 NAFEMS World Congress

Next month, PredictiveIQ will sponsor the 2015 NAFEMS World Congress in San Diego, CA.  We will be speaking about the power and simplicity of automated engineering workflows in the form of web-enabled applications. We’ll demonstrate how complex models and analyses, running server-side in their respective commercial applications, can be re-plumbed to run solution-specific workflows in … Read more

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