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Vision 2020 – The Future is Now!

Happy 2020! May this year bring you good health, success on your objectives, and happy moments with loved ones. We are excited to kick off this year with new and groundbreaking technologies, business strategies, and strategic solutions for our customers’ most pressing problems.

Last year, we publicly released our Physics Informed Machine (PIML™) technology and showcased it at several conferences. This patent-pending technology integrates physics-based simulations with machine learning, driving the development of AI powered predictive systems. This technology has expanded our capabilities in Democratizing Simulation, and in the development & deployment of Digital Twins. Our team has published a series of articles related to this technology as shown below:

As we have for many years, we continue our partnership with Dassault Systèmes, delivering the leading engineering simulation and optimization software suite in the market today. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, the SIMULIA brand is setting new standards for product innovation by establishing Finite Element Analysis, realistic engineering simulation, and optimization software as an integral business process for product development.

We continue to work with our customers in the development of complex Simulations, which have significant impact in evaluating innovative designs, predicting product performance, and understanding the behavior of complex phenomena. And talking about complex and exciting Simulations, we now part of The Living Heart Project, a transnational research initiative to revolutionize cardiovascular science through realistic simulation.

Our partnership with the EASA Software has truly empowered Democratized Simulation and Simulation Powered Design. Today, our Simulation Apps and Engineering Toolboxes are being used in every corner of our customers’ businesses, from Design & Engineering to Sales & Marketing. Our customers use these tools to explore & optimize designs, automate & simplify workflows, break silos, and easily communicate with their end customers.

We are looking forward to making 2020 a fantastic year by powering the strategic growth of our customers’ businesses, while reducing costs, increasing their products’ quality, and powering their innovative edge.

Best regards,

Dr. Juan F. Betts



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