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Engineering Services

We offer a variety of engineering consulting and services to our clients, and can help you too!

Whether you need traditional or complex simulation expertise, engineering app development or deployment, or strategic engineering consultancy, we can be your trusted partner. We always operate under strict non-disclosure agreements with our clients, maintain close communication throughout any contracts, and adhere to scheduled deliverables. Cultivating these close relationships enables us to fully understand each client’s unique set of challenges, architect solutions that are appropriate and effective, and ensure a strong return on investment.

Predictive Analytics Engineering Services


We help you to create advanced and highly accurate predictive models that can respond and provide solutions in real time. These models integrate multiple source of information such as Field Data, Theoretical Solutions, Statistical Models, with different fidelity levels to develop highly predictive solutions. Our customers use this technology for Predictive Manufacturing (Virtual Factory), Predictive Maintenance (Conditioned Based Maintenance), Integrated Vehicle Health & Performance Management (IVHPM) etc. For more information visit our Artificial Intelligence & ML page.


While we can perform standard parametric and non-parametric CAD modeling and simpler CAE simulations, the majority of our engineering services relate to more complex and computationally intensive simulations, such as:

  • Multiphysics analyses
  • Multi-objective design optimization
  • Fatigue, plastic deformation, fracture, contact, and impact
  • Dynamics, non-linear analyses & materials
  • Composites & complex assemblies
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Advanced optimization methods

We can also provide you with the leading engineering simulation software suite. For more information, visit our Engineering Simulation page.

Engineering Simulation Services
Engineering Plugin Development


We help our customer to develop new solutions or democratize their existing finite element analysis tasks. While the Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software packages are used for many purposes, there are still lots of new theories and approaches that has not been implemented in them. We can develop your desired theories in the Finite Element Analysis packages. We can also, help you to create standard workflows and democratize your processes for more reliable solution. For more information, visit our plug-in development page.


Our “democratization” services revolve around the concept of automating our clients’ complex engineering relationships and expertise, and packaging it in such a way that less experienced team members can safely perform tasks they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.  This typically involves “extraction” of critical knowledge and processes, along with the development of the audience or personas who will use the solution. With this information, we can build the back end automation models and validate across the intended use cases, and then construct the front end that best serves the targeted personas. Often, the most effective deployment mechanism is a server-based solution that automates the backend processes and is operated through a web browser on any network-connected device. For more information, see our Engineering Toolbox pages.

Engineering Simulation Democratization
Engineering Model Validation


We also help our clients truly determine whether their simulated analyses are close enough to their empirical field and test data.  This is a common challenge, which if not simply overlooked, can be labor intensive and fall prey to human subjectivity.  To determine whether two data sets (typically the numerical prediction candidate and the reference experiment or field data) are statistically the same, we use regression analysis and hypothesis testing. Our advanced regression analysis techniques use an optimized basis or shape function set (polynomial, exponential, sinusoidal) to extract the best-fit signatures of the candidate and reference data sets. We then employ advanced univariate and multivariate statistical methods for hypothesis testing to compare the candidate and reference sets at a given confidence level. For more information, visit our Predictive Analytics page.


Our engineering consultancy services typically relate to higher-level engineering strategies.  When our clients have considered some significant operational changes to their organizations, we have been able to provide neutral research and recommendations that best fit their short-term and long-term needs. This could involve a variety of strategic facets such as:

  • CAD or CAE tool selection or displacement
  • Engineering democratization strategy
  • Simulation lifecycle management
  • General product and simulation data management
Engineering Consulting Services

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