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EASA Enterprise Excel Management

Excel has become the single most widely used business app in workplaces across the globe. This tool enables users to perform a huge variety of tasks, ranging from business analysis to product pricing and project management, to performing complex scientific or engineering calculations.

EASA enables businesses to deploy Excel spreadsheets as secure web applications with authentication, audit trails of usage, version control, and secured intellectual property, and with users’ data saved securely to a database.

EASA’s platform, installed on your network or in the cloud, provides an easy solution that continues to use your existing spreadsheets, complete with VBA and macros, while eliminating any direct contact between the user and the spreadsheet. This completely eliminates all the major problems associated with sharing and collaborating using Excel.


No version confusion

With EASA Sheets, the “master” copy of any spreadsheet will be saved on a secure server, and users will always be guaranteed they are accessing the correct and most up-to-date version of the document.


The data you save in EASA Sheets can be made available to any authorized users, allowing users to start with a spreadsheet which has been prepopulated with previously saved data from other collaboration team members.

Enhanced security

Unlike other spreadsheet management software, EASA Sheets can be configured to not permit local saving of files. This makes it impossible to copy the spreadsheet, send it as an attachment to emails, or download it to a separate storage device.

Database functionality 

Instead of saving your individual spreadsheets as “flat files”, EASA Sheets can extract key information such as inputs and outputs, then places them into a central, relational database. This is a key feature of spreadsheet management, letting users conduct filtered searches, perform data analytics, and integrate information with business intelligence dashboarding software.

Enterprise Spreadsheet Management


Democratize Simulations

Democratize an expert process by creating a web portal to your workflows

simulation requires the creation of computer models using specialized software, such as the commercially-available CAD, FEA, and CFD, as well as industry experts or experienced software users. This reduces the leverage these tools can provide to well below their potential, reducing their ROI.
EASA eliminates this obstacle, allowing an immediate upscale of usage of all company’s modeling and simulation activities. The web apps can dramatically simplify and streamline complex models, enabling non-experts to safely utilize them, even if they are completely unfamiliar with the various software that might be in the overall workflow.

EASA facilitates the use of Machine Learning models and Digital Twins

EASA can be used to build digital twin apps, making machine learning much easier to execute. These apps allow users to easily import and process huge amounts of data, which is passed to advanced machine learning algorithms to generate predictions of a component lifetime. This eliminates the need for experienced data scientists and saves time and money for your business.

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